Expect a Difference

Whether we’re considering preventive, general, cosmetic or restorative methods to enhance your smile, we take our time. Together, we’ll explore and explain all aspects of your dental health, so you’ll be fully informed and at ease before you make any decisions. That’s how you can trust that your experience with us will be uniquely yours, and always secure.

Care is in the details

We start each exam by getting the clearest possible view of your bite, using magnification loops (glasses that work like microscopes) to assess your teeth and screen for periodontal disease and oral cancer. We’ll discuss the relationship between your oral and overall health and talk through what your digital radiographs mean. (By using digital sensors rather than traditional photographic film for X-rays, we can immediately review your images, reduce radiation exposure, and collect an accurate record for you.)

Making every visit this comprehensive and complete helps us avoid issues before they arise, plan treatments most effectively, and stay sure of the state of your smile, in the moment and for a lifetime.