Get Your Smile Back

When an unexpected event or condition causes tooth loss, dental implants can be a longer-lasting solution than conventional bridges or dentures. Surgically anchored in the jawbone with tiny titanium posts, implanted synthetics replace missing teeth down to the root, so they feel natural and won’t degrade. Implants also help maintain your neighboring teeth and facial profile by averting bone deterioration. Care for them as you’re used to, by brushing, flossing and visiting us regularly. We’ll keep your smile as spectacular as it was meant to be.


Implant or bridge?

Losing a tooth shocks the jawbone, causing the traumatized area to recede and surrounding teeth to shift. Unlike a bridge, implants can stop this process without sacrificing good teeth to close the opened space. You can also floss around an implanted crown without first threading underneath, and an implant won’t decay, as a bridge might.



Implant or denture?

Traditional dentures don’t directly stimulate the jawbone when you chew, causing atrophy of the jawbone that changes how the denture fits and feels over time. In contrast, implants translate chewing forces to the bone actively much as your original teeth, helping to prevent this atrophy.  We can embed a full row, or add in segments instead of partials, avoiding the wear on adjacent teeth, dietary limitations, adhesive and ultimate discomfort of a denture.





Removable or fixed?

A removable implant prosthesis sockets onto a bar or ball attachment and won’t slip while you eat, speak and exercise. As with a standard denture, you can remove it for cleaning, and should skip some foods that are more difficult to chew. A fixed implant prosthesis stays where we put it, for even greater confidence as you enjoy your active lifestyle, close conversations and favorite meals. Teeth this secure may feel so much your own, you might forget you chose them.