Reconstruction Dentistry

Be Your Best

If a painful mouth is interrupting your good days, it may be time to make some changes. Losing teeth to decay, injury or an ongoing condition clearly calls for intervention, but issues as seemingly commonplace as an improperly aligned bite can also cause concern. Over time, fractures, headaches, jaw stress, and erosion from acid, grinding or off-center chewing can turn small irritations into overwhelming discomfort.

You don’t have to suffer through it. Even in cases that require every tooth to be replaced or reformed, Dr. Escudero’s proficiency in dental reconstruction can make all the difference.

One step at a time

Reconstructive dentistry aims to correct the relationship between your teeth, jaw and gums for an ideal bite, facial posture and appearance. We’ll start by discussing your concerns, symptoms and goals. Then we’ll evaluate the condition and proportion of your gums, teeth, temporomandibular joints and jaw muscles, looking for any areas that may require repair.

Once we know what needs fixing, we’ll build a cohesive treatment plan that may involve the input of a trusted team of specialists (from periodontists and orthodontists to endodontists and oral surgeons). We’ll meet to talk through all your options, making sure you thoroughly understand the estimated time and cost of each. (Keep in mind that full mouth reconstruction can take six to twelve months or longer.)

When your gums and joints are ready, we’ll design a wax-up of your bite to help us verify the accuracy, function and look of the treatments we’ll apply. Yours may include crowns, onlays, inlays, implants, bridges, veneers or partials. Expect a trial period with custom provisionals, so you can test your new bite before we place your final restorations.

Through every stage, count on us to help you feel most yourself, challenge by challenge, success by success.